Whimsical Afternoons with Winnie’s Picks

As many of you know, I am a huge preacher of self care and taking time for yourself even if i’m less great at actually doing it! Few thinks beat a good bubble bath and a book for chilling out, but i’ve recently experienced a new contender. Adult paint by numbers and adult colouring in books are massively trending right now- and it’s clear to see why.

I was kindly gifted a kit of my choice by Winnie’s Picks in return for a fair review.

Choosing a Design

Deciding on a kit was quite tricky as Winnie’s Picks have a fab range of painting sets ranging from colourful cats, butterflies, sew views and Japanese koi. However, anyone who knows me will know my deep love for cats so I chose ‘Afternoon nap for Ronron the Cat‘. I liked the sleepy design and soft orange colours- it was very me!

Winnie’s Picks themselves are solely dedicated to providing these high quality paint by numbers sets and it shows in the design selection and quality of the kits. Along with the set designs, they also offer a service for turning your photos into painting kits¬†which is pretty cool.

What’s in the box?

Most colouring in sets i’ve had are stand-alone books which come without tools. With Winnie’s Picks, you get your chosen image on not just a quality canvas for you to colour-in but also in a handy number guide to check and a small reference image to help. You’ll appreciate the number guide as these are quite large canvases and it’s easy to get a bit lost.

Along with the canvas and guides, you also get all the paints needed for the picture and various brushes! This is what really appealed to me about the kits- i’d never have all the different shades in the house. These kits are really lovely self-inclusive sets, perfect for others or yourself!


So far…

I still have a fair way to go with my painting, but i’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s the perfect activity for a spare 15 minutes and ideal for rainy afternoons. I’ve loved putting an audiobook on and sitting my in craft room painting away. I’m not a very neat painter but I can already see the overall image coming together which is nice. I’ve also found it a great way to calm down and practice mindfulness. There’s something very comforting about the repetitiveness of paint strokes and having something physical to show for your time. If you’re not especially artistic, it’s a nice way to do something creative too!

I do think it would be good if the company offered some smaller canvas sizes as it is taking me a while to work through. That said, I’m really looking forwards to carrying on and completing Ronron the Cat. I think my cat Quillie is looking forwards to it too- she certainly likes helping! I’ll post again when i’ve finished the painting and you can also follow my progress on instagram.


Ruthy xo

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