Thrive App Review

The last few weeks I’ve been trying out a new mental health app called Thrive. As a huge advocate of mental health support, I’m always keen to explore new support systems and coping mechanisms. I received a demo and here’s how I found it…

Self Monitoring

The Thrive app offers a brilliant check in feature for continuously monitoring your mood. You rate how you feel on a slider and this is recorded to help you track how you’re feeling over time. It also suggests different coping mechanisms based on if you feel especially anxious or depressed.

You’re then able to describe the current situation and choose elements which you think are making you feel the way you are. I’ve always found one of the most important methods for helping mental health is checking in with yourself and trying to get an idea of where you’re at. That way if you realise you are feeling low, you can start to look at why- what around you is influencing that, and how can you help yourself?

Coping Mechanisms

Once you’ve made use of the daily mood tracking (which isn’t compulsory), the Thrive app offers lots of different relaxing mini games and also meditation and breathing exercises. I particularly liked the word play games and the zen garden feature where you can chill out making a sand garden.

The app also offers links for getting further help from the NHS and counselling helplines. In fact, I was really happy to learn this app is part of a UK government initiative for supporting mental health! I cant express how important it is that rings like this are easily accessible and the fact mental health apps are on the rise just shows how much more socially acceptable talking about mental health is becoming, which is great!

Overall, I think Thrive is a great app for daily support and I like the casual, fun design and how non clinical it is. If you want an easy to use tool for keeping track of yourself and lots of support in the form of games, meditation and advice, this is a brilliant app to try! Thrive is available on all Apple, Android and PCs.

Remember if you’re struggling with mental health issues you can call Samaritans on 116 123 or contact your GP.


Ruthy xo

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    1. I thought that too! It really encourages you to ask yourself how and why you’re feeling how you are.Definitely good for getting kids thinking 🙂

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