Review: This Works: Deep Sleep

I don’t know about you but getting enough sleep is something I really struggle with!

I’ve tried herbal sleep pills, medical sleeping pills, blue light and a whole host of other things but still really struggle to fall asleep and even more with staying asleep. One product I remember having a sample of years ago and finding useful was This Works: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

I’ve previously found and used sample size versions of the spray in various hotels and always found the smell very calming so was really keen to pick the new bottle up.

The Basics

Brand: This Works

Product Name: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Size: 75 ml Spray

Price: £14:40

Available at Amazon: Here

My thoughts…

The spray contains Lavender, Vetivert & Chamomile, three natural herbs known for their calming and sleep inducing properties.

  • Lavender is very popular, a sweet and floral fragrance originating from Bulgaria. Lavender has a tonne of uses, not just for sleep but for general wellbeing and relaxation and is one of my personal favourite scents.
  • Vetivert is a sweet and smoky smelling herb with a calming fragrance which originates from Java. The oil comes from the plant’s roots with higher quality oils being produced from older plants.
  • Finally, Chamomile is a calm and soothing oil, often blended with lavender for a soothing effect. It’s sweet and a bit fruity and often used in relaxation tees as well as bath oils.

Together, the smell is heavy, slightly sweet and a tad overpowering but pleasant. I’ve been using the spray the last three nights and whilst I can’t say it’s helped me with falling asleep, it has certainly helped with my staying asleep- something I really struggle with. My partner finds the smell a bit strong but I find it pretty relaxing and intend to keep using it. At £15 per 75ml it’s a bit on the steep side and I think I might go back to mixing my own herbal sprays but it’s certainly been a nice sleep remedy to try-i’d give this 3.5/5!

Enough sleep talk from me- zzz….

Ruthy xo

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