Review: Wingz- Stylish Sleeves for all Occasions

I’m always looking for new ways to style old clothes so when Wingz Fashion offered me a pair of their Wingz in return for an unbiased review I was really keen to try!

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So what are Wingz?

Wingz are effectively a small slip top with sleeves which goes over your bra and under your main top/dress. Not quite a bra, but also not outwear, Wingz are somewhere in between! Wingz have lots of colours and styles but I chose this lovely chiffon set (RRP £15.99) to review as I thought it would be really versatile in my wardrobe.

To wear Wingz you pull them over your head like a crop top and then secure them under your boobs. It’s then up to you where you sit the sleeves on your arm- you’ll find they tuck under tops and dresses pretty seamlessly! I found them comfy and noted they didn’t leave any strappy lines on my skin when I removed them.

How did I style them?

I’ve been after something like Wingz for ages, i’m not very keen on having bare arms and live in layers of kimono drapes, cardigans and overshirts so Wingz fit right into my wardrobe.

Out & About

To start with I tried them underneath dresses and strappy tops. I really like them with skater dresses especially- the chiffon wings I tried were very light and elegant and I felt pretty swishy. I especially appreciate how due to the elastic style of the sleeves you can wear them on the shoulder or at the elbow- it was nice to be able to switch up the styling a bit!

For work

Wingz fit really well under work blouses too and especially in black still look professional. It’s a great way to turn summer clothes into winter ones, especially in a cold place like the UK!

I really love the chiffon Wingz I tried and think i’ll be purchasing the lace ones myself since they go so well with my dresses and tops! If you’re looking to mix up your style, make your summer clothes wearable for cold weather or just not super keen on having your arms out absolutely check out Wingz. I hope Wingz continue to bring out new colours and styles (i’d love some tie-dye ones), I also think they’re cute for
Ruthy xo
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