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I love trying out new hair products, especially cruelty free ones! As a long time fan of Lush and The Body Shop, i’m always keen to find companies who support similar ideals. I received a full hair care set of Organic Shop ‘Honey & Avocado’ shampoo, conditioner and hair mask in return for a fair review.

Organic Shop- The Brand

Organic Shop are 100% cruelty free and make use of 98% natural ingredients in their products. The UK based hair and body care brand are also committed to having 0% silicones and parabens in their products which is something I really care about. Plus, all their packaging is recyclable! The brand aims to take well known natural recipes for haircare and give them a fun modern twist.

Honey & Avocado- Hair Care Set

There are several variations in the hair and bodywash brands including Coconut and Shea, Raspberry and Acai and Argan and Amla. I received the Honey & Avocado set which aims to repair your hair and add softness and vitality. As someone who straightens their hair, I was very keen to see how this could help my fried ends.

The packaging is bright and simple (and as aforementioned recyclable) and the scent is sweet and honeyed.

Now to try it…

My Verdict

I’ve got long thick hair and i’m happy to say that the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask did do as advertised and made my hair very shiny and soft! They also all smelt absolutely gorgeous- the honey smell in particular is lovely from this set.


However, with the conditioner in particular I found I needed to use quite a lot of it to properly condition my hair, so I might get through it quite fast. The hair mask was my favourite item out of the three and it was lovely to use in the bath. I had it on for a good half hour and my hair was so soft when I washed it out and dried it!

Organic Shop’s hair care range is available at Tesco and at their own site Organic Shop. Given their cruelty free approach, range of products and low prices (£2.50!!) i’d definitely recommend trying them out!


Ruthy xo

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