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Anyone who knows me will know how much I love gaming, whether it’s video games or board games. So when giffgaff reached out to me with the offer of a sponsored games night it was a pretty immediate yes from me! This blog contains sponsored content as giffgaff provided me a PR Box to host a games night with.

Making time for friends is super important to me in general and especially as a mostly housebound disabled person. Without social media i’d be so isolated so i’m incredibly grateful for it! This was a perfect opportunity to round up some friends and get together. You can check out my games night unboxing story on my instagram.

Connecting with Friends

My go-to for group events is generally whatsapp and then facebook. I mentioned in my friend group chat that I was planning to host a games night and people were pretty up for it! Board games are a great way to spend a chill evening- except if it’s monopoly, then people might die.

I love that board games are becoming popular again with people- think how many board game cafes you get now! As someone who grew up on a lot of weird games my dad picked up at charity shops, this whole night was right up my street.

What to play…

Once everyone turned up on Saturday 12th it was time to get started. We got a fabulous 90s pop playlist (the best era obv) going through Alexa and got started.

giffgaff had sent us three great Big Potato Games: Obama Llama 2, Weird Things People Search for on the Internet and Bucket of Doom! We as a group have played the original Obama Llama game but the other two were new…

We kicked it off with ‘Weird Things Humans Search For’ and quickly learnt that 1. we were all horrible dirty minded (not a shock) and 2. people really do search odd things like ‘why is my baby orange?’ and ‘is ham evil?’ Odd. We’ll definitely play this again- there are so many cards!

Next up was Obama Llama 2. Now I love the first one, for anyone who hasn’t played Obama Llama is a crazy rhyming puzzle game with a lot of of charades. Soon you’ll be chanting rhymes about the queen and bakes beans and trying to solve puzzles about Miley Cyrus writing on Papyrus. This was my favourite game of the night and is reaaally good fun.

Break it up guys

Now giffgaff had very cooly give us a Just Eat voucher for some food but we also got some snacks in and I made some gaming themed biscuits, especially these Obama Llama themed ones. Last christmas my bestie gave me a llama cookie cutter (as you do) and well, I guess that finally came in handy! Still, we all tucked into a great Just Eat feast and were ready for another game.


The Bucket of Doom

One true winner

Our final game was Bucket of Doom, a game which really brings out the weird in people (especially in our group). In this game, you all have scenario like being stuck in space and then you have item cards which you use to create an escape story, so you might have an item card about having a soiled sack, or a single piece of bubblegum, what story can you make up from that? Knowing our group, something nasty.

I’m a recent giffgaff convert after overpaying for a monthly set contract that kept sneaking up in price and which I was never actually making full use of. It turned out quite a few in the group were already with giffgaff and others left with giffgaff sims to try them out. We had a really great evening and i’m super keen to host more game nights, sponsored or not.

Thanks giffgaff for a great night! If you’re swayed by my fab experience and want to join giffgaff, check out their plans here

Along with this blog, I also put together a short video about the night. I’m no editor as you’ll probably notice, but enjoy 🙂


Ruthy xo

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