E’lifexir Natural Beauty Review

I love a good skincare regime and am always on the lookout for new lotions and creams to try. I like products which help make you feel your best or help with reducing aches and pains, I also try to only use cruelty free brands as preference.

E’lifexir fit all of these criteria, so when I was offered a sample pack in return for a fair review I was keen to try! The pack itself was simple and bright and I love the pastel colours chosen for the packaging.

The Collection

E’lifexir have launched a collection of seven different body creams- each with a different target area so you can get a really specialised product. The full size 150ml products cost around £15:99 each and are available from Amazon and Holland and Barrett.

These are;

My Verdict

I’ve been trying them all the past few weeks and have found some more useful than others and one in particular I intend to continue using! I have very sensitive skin but didn’t have any issues using the hypoallergenic creams on my body though I will say I didn’t use any of them on my face. I also found all of the creams to be very light and easily absorbed and none of them left my skin feeling greasy as can be the way with creams.

My main interests were whether the products could help with stretch marks and with aching legs. I can’t say I had too much interest in the boob or butt enhancers (though I did find the butt one genuinely made my butt feel firmer!).

My favourite of the collection was the Actidren cream. This cream is designed to make your legs feel lighter and re-energised. As someone with chronic pain and fatigue my legs can feel like lead quite often so I was curious as to if this could help. This cream contains Black elder extract which helps improve circulation and Rutin which reduces redness of the skin. It also contains moisturising berries and left my legs feeling very smooth and a fair bit less painful.

The other cream I really liked was the Anti Cellulite & Lifting cream. This cream helps reduce the appearance of cellulite over continuous use and over the month of using I saw a real difference! This cream contains Sundews leaf which helps smooth the skin and reduce cellulite. It also contains dragon eye extract  and Blacker elder to protect the skin and improve circulation.

Overall, I really recommend this E’lifexir collection, especially the revitalising, fitness and cellulite creams!


Ruthy xo

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