A Weekend at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

The other weekend was my partner’s and my anniversary so we decided to book a treat. A couple of years ago we went Lifehouse Spa and I remembered it being pretty lovely, but memories can often be a bit rose tinted and. My partner and I are both people who enjoy seclusion, peace and quiet and a good swim. I was particularly keen on going to an adult spa so as to avoid the chance of screaming children when you’re trying to relax.

Located, in Essex, Lifehouse Spa & Hotel is an independent spa which boasts 12 acres of English Heritage gardens alongside 89 hotel rooms, gym and spa. It’s also got a bar and onsite restaurant so no need to venture out once you’ve checked in!


There’s a pretty nice range of spa facilities at Lifehouse, including a pool, steam room, sauna, salt room and tropical showers. The salt room was my favourite! Additionally, there’s a gym, pilates studio, treatment rooms, spa shop and a pedicure/manicure salon. There was also a cool chill room which was a dark room with gentle music and big comfy recliners and blankets to have a rest in.

We were staying in a contemporary double room (the cheapest haha) and whilst the view and facilities were nice the mattress was a real let down- rock solid and not what i’d expected from a Spa Hotel! I mentioned it on check out but haven’t heard anything since.

Aside from the rooms and spa there are the beautiful heritage gardens which I really enjoyed walking round. The gardens are pretty accessible for those with disabilities with only a couple of areas proving tricky to get to. The gardens themselves are well maintained and included multiple ponds and a cute gaggle of geese.

Treatment of Chronic Sufferers

One thing I really loved was how I was asked about my health conditions and then the treatment was tailored to me. Lifehouse Spa pride themselves on being disability friendly for treatments and facilities.

I’ve never forgotten how Verulamium Spa in St Albans tried to refuse me treatments (on my birthday no less) due to my health. Despite my informing them beforehand of my condition and on the day of my numerous previous treatments they apparently weren’t comfortable with doing so. Let along the fact that I like a lot of chronic health sufferers really need these treatments to help!

On that occasion I was horribly embarrassed and shamed. At Lifehouse Spa I was spoken through how the treatment could help, what were my trouble areas and was made to feel very safe and well looked after. The spa also offers a huge wellness range of treatments along with specialised cancer sufferer safe treatments. You definitely feel like you’re in safe hands and i’d recommend this place to chronic sufferers and disabled people.

Value for Money

This is very much not a budget spa. Booking directly through the website easily takes you over £600 for a two night stay. Although the spa is really lovely, I wouldn’t and could’t pay the full site price to attend. Keep an eye on Virgin Experience days for their Lifehouse spa vouchers- it saved us a lot of money and I managed to find a discount code to use on Virgin too! Our voucher included breakfast and dinner for both nights which both offer generous portions and a good variety of choices.

The overall experience of a well equipped spa, beautiful gardens, decent menu and wonderful tranquility of the whole place do make it worth going. I just hope they change their mattresses!


Ruthy xo

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