Soho Secret Tearooms… Worth investigating?

I met up with an old uni friend at the weekend and thought it’d be fun to find a cute tea shop for some quality british afternoon tea! Naturally I turned to Google and TripAdvisor for ideas and quickly came across the Soho Secret Tea Room. It sounded unique and fun so we popped the post code into maps and went to investigate…


As the name suggests, the tea rooms are, well secret! You won’t find any sign post indicating where they are, instead you need to spot the little brass spoon on one of the buildings, head inside and ask to be let up the stairs to the tea room!

 I’ll openly admit my friend and I spent a good ten minutes wandering about the street until we spotted the spoon and ventured inside (I’m not saying which building it’s on- go and look :P)

The tearoom was incredible cute, lots of floral, pink and vintage- exactly what I was hoping for! The place is pretty teeny with only about 8 tables which makes it really special and quiet- perfect for a catch up!

The Menu

Lots of places do afternoon or cream tea in London but quite often you’ll find they do set menus only and no single items which can make the experience pretty pricey! What I really liked at the Soho Secret Tea room was the variety, You could choose an afternoon tea option (£23), cream tea at £10 and then cakes, tea, sandwiches and even pie all individually available. The tea selection is also wonderful and pretty extensive!

View the menu at

My friend and I each had a round of sandwiches, a fruity &floral Japanese cherry tea and a slice of cake each and it was delicious!

Everything was served on pretty floral china and looked almost too good to eat (almost).




The highlight for me was this truly divine red velvet cake. I will absolutely be going back to the tearooms next time i’m in SoHo & recommend you check it out!


Ruthy xo

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