Snowed in, Pole out!

It’s been freezing cold and snowing for the past two days, so the best time to stay warm and do some pole dancing inside!

Chair Sit (sort of!)

I’ve been working on my arm strength a lot in the gym recently and it’s finally paying off with me being able to hold an almost chair sit properly.

With this move, your entire weight is supported from arm strength with one arm holding straight above and the other below creating a braced position. You then bring your knees up, using the pole against one leg if you need the support. Eventually there should be a decent gap between you and the pole but i’m not quite there yet! As someone with chronic fatigue/pain there are a lot of days that doing pole fitness is completely beyond me, but I try to practice when i can.

Chinese Twist Crucifix

What this should have looked like was Mine is really wonky 😛 However, i’ll take it as a first attempt!

You climb and then hold with one bent leg out at an angle. Once secure you bring your torso in front of the pole and hold with your arms out.

On this wonky note, I really want a pole username which relates to chronic illness- any ideas?


Until the next time!

Ruthy xo

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