Preparing for a Flare

What is a Flare?

If you already live with chronic health you’re likely all too familiar with flares. Essentially a flare is a sharp increase in the normal symptoms of your condition. For example, someone with rheumatoid arthritis will go through a time of worse swelling, pain and stiffness. Someone with seizures may experience them much more frequently and worse than normal. You get the idea!

To help deal with flares, I keep a flare box. So let’s answer the ever question of ‘what’s in the box?’

Prepare to Flare

I’ve been keeping a flare box for a while now. In it, I keep everything which I immediately need when having a tough time. This helps me treat myself faster and more kindly and also prevents my poor partner trying to work out where I’ve left my heat wrap.

To make a flare box, find yourself a distinctive box or bag and consider in your worse moments, what really helps you?

In my Box

Firstly, I keep a good supply of my current medication. Keep an eye on how much medication you have in your box so you don’t find yourself out in a bad situation. I also keep a store of general painkillers.

To further combat pain, I keep a microwaveable heat pad in my box. Along with this, my every faithful TENS machine and a little pot of gold- MCC Pain Slayer. This balm is a great natural way to counter pain.

I also keep sleep aids. Getting rest is often the most important part of battling with a flare as you’ll get so worn out. I keep a sleep mask (with a pun), M.C.C Sleep Oil and ear plugs to help try to get some rest.

Lastly, I keep a few things to help with skin care and relaxation. Vitamins, magnesium oil for joins and a cheeky bit of chocolate. A dry skin relief cream, face wipes, lip balm and hair bomb are also good for helping you stay feeling human. I also keep a resistance band as it important to keep using your muscles as much as you can (without causing more pain) when you’re bed ridden.

Do you keep a flare box or is there something you think I’m missing? Let me know!



Ruthy xo

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