Let’s Balance this Health & Fitness thing!

In the past…

I’ve lost count of the amount of times i’ve crashed dieted, lived only on soup and crackers until i’ve gone bonkers or bust my ass down the gym until my chronic health conditions really flare up and I totally burn out. This year i’m determined to find the right exercise and health path for me without going crazy!

I know it’s about balance but it can be pretty hard to keep that going when you’ve got fun things like seizures and chronic fatigue which pop up and throw you totally off plan. Last year I tried going Keto (no sugar and very low carb) but unfortunately it screwed with my seizures (boo). So i’m back to trying to keep low carb but less intently and back to the gym 3 times a week with my partner. I’m also trying pole dancing again- just at home for now with DVDs and i’ll try to bribe some of my incredible pole dancing mates to teach me.

It’s been great to see my strength improving and i’m slowly getting better at climbing higher and some basic pole sits!

One Week Apart 

I’m learning it’s okay to have a plan but not always be able to keep to it. Sounds simple, but it’s a big thing when you’re used to plans being scuppered by your health and just being frustrated!

Here’s to a healthier 2018



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