Ideas for Coping with a Life Hiatus

Tonnes of things can happen in life which put things on hold. That feeling of treading water can be tough and there’s no shame in feeling down or frustrated by this. My life went on hiatus last year due to health issues and a whole eight months had to go with me being mostly bed ridden. It was tough, but I made it. Whether money, health, your job situation or something else has seemingly put your life on hiatus, I hope these ideas can help you feel more positive!

It’s only temporary

image of two cats in a calendar. The date says 23rd janReminding yourself that how things are isn’t forever can go a long way in taking back control of your life. It might be a bad time at work, it could be bad health, but the very moment which is feeling overwhelming will pass. Practicing mindfulness can go a long way and I recommend checking out for help and ideas with being mindful.

It might sound silly, but don’t underestimate the power of stopping, taking a deep breath and letting it out. Pausing your thoughts for a moment can help stop you panicking and give you a chance to reassess what’s going on.

There are smaller things you can do

If something big has put you on hold, think what smaller thing is still possible. Say your health has meant you’re unable to get down the gym as normal, maybe some yoga might be easier for you now? That was you can still feel you’re doing something and less like you have no control over your life. I tried some new hobbies like bath bomb making when I was stuck off work and low on energy.

If you’ve been forced to stop education, perhaps there are related books you can ready or an online course you can access to keep learning a bit. Finding something you can do, no matter how small can help you keep feel useful and fulfilled. For everything you can’t do for now, there might be some small thing that can help you feel just a little better!

This has Happened to other people

I don’t mean this in a ‘other people have it worse’ way, simply that it can help to remind yourself that you’re not alone. Hope goes a long way in a bad situation. If it’s physical health, why not look for online or local communities of other people with health issues!

There are also support groups for finances, those who’ve suffered loses, mental health and many other areas. Other people will have found ways to deal with their situations and their stories may be able to help you. Reaching out can also help you feel more connected during a time or isolation.


Ruthy xo

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