Fantasy Wedding: Planning Begins….

As some of you may know I’ve been engaged since last November after I popped the question to my now fiancé (go feminism!). Proposing to a man as a woman was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done and now I get all the fun and madness of wedding planning! I’ve done a bit of event planning before and was excited to get started.

Picking a Theme

From traditional to beach to local registrar office, there are so many types of wedding to have. My fiance early on shrugged and said he wasn’t bothered and would happily get married in a registrar office. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, I said i’d pay for the wedding if we could have something more flamboyant…

As someone who has long loved The Lord of the Rings and other fantasy novels, the idea of a medieval castle wedding was deeply appealing! As many of you know i’ve got years of cosplaying behind me so dressing up has been part of my life for years. The idea of bringing all my favourite things together was too good to miss. I’ve been going to sci fi and comic conventions for years so the prospect of kind of having our own fantasy convention/party sounded ideal.

Choosing a Venue

The more I got into the fantasy theme idea, the more I wanted to make sure I got the perfect location. Obviously a castle or medieval hall would be perfect and being in the UK there are a good many to choose from! Given I usually work full time(except atm as i’m signed off due to surgery) and have a fairly busy life, I wanted somewhere which ideally had an events team and complete packages so i wouldn’t have to worry about all the little bits.

I looked online at a few castles such as Wadhurst Castle, Highcliffe Castle and Wadhurst Castle, but I knew Warwick Castle would be perfect. I went to Warwick Castle as a child and again as a teenager and loved it then, plus it’s not overly far away from me so would be suitable for a few trips! So next, I contacted the events team and went through an online brochure to get an idea of packages and pricing (eek) and book a venue tour.

The Bridal Squad

It was pretty tricky to choose my bridesmaids quite simply because I’m blessed with so many lovely people in my life. My maid of honour was always going to be my best friend but I’ve got six other bridesmaids who are each wonderful friends in their own right. Two are friends I’ve known growing up, one from the age of 3 and the other from the age of 11. Three more are people I’ve met through cosplay and the final person is a friend through university who also introduced me to my fiancé! So a mix of people who really don’t know each other haha! It ought to be a hilarious and hopefully great mix of people.


I’ve got a tonne of decisions to make now as i’ve recently had my Wedding venue Tour of Warwick Castle (i’ll blog about that separately soon!). I’m so grateful to my future husband for his support and going with my wacky ideas. More on this soon!


Ruthy xo

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