DIY Medieval Themed Bridesmaid Cards

Hiya! So, as you may know from my previous wedding post i’m currently planning my wedding and to say i’m excited is a colossal understatement. I’m currently very stuck in bed awaiting multiple surgeries so wedding planning has really helped keep me sane(ish) these past few months. Having now booked our date and venue (yipee!), I wanted to formally ask my bridesmaids and maid of honour to join my bridal squad on the day with bridesmaid cards.

The Theme

I struggled like mad choosing my bridesmaids since I know too many lovely people but my final squad comprised of 6 bridesmaids and a maid of honour. Now this is a fantasy themed wedding, complete with castle and costumes so I wanted to make cards which fitted the theme well. I knew I wanted to have the paper looking like old parchment and definitely wanted to wax seal the envelopes! I was keen to have an individual photo on each card of myself and the bridesmaid to keep them super personal too.

Choosing materials

I managed to keep my card making super cheap by getting everything at poundland (except the wax seal kit)! For the cards, I used;

  • Plain white cards and envelopes
  • Wooden frames
  • 3D Craft gel
  • Wax Seal Kit
  • Black patterned boarder tape
  • Pearl split craft accessories
  • Teabag
  • Black gel pen
  • Printed photos of friends and I (the photo paper was from poundland!)
  • Letter stamp kit


I used the teabag method to turn into parchment. To do this, you just dunk a teabag in a small amount of water and then rub it over the white paper. It’ll need quite a while to dry but it’s so effective!

Once the paper was dry, I first wrote the inside messages to each person and adorned them with stickers (i’m cool!). Secondly, I stuck the patterned border tape to the top and bottom of each card.

I then printed a small photo of myself with each person which I cut to fit the wooden frames and stuck into the middle right of the card front. Next I added the pearl accessory to the left of the card added a heart in 3D craft gel. I then wrote my message to each friend and added their name in stamp letters.

Lastly I used the wax seal kit to melt the wax, spoon it onto the envelopes and then pressed the ‘R’ seal onto it for 30 seconds. It looked so effective and I loved them!

The finished cards

I was really happy with the finished look of my cards. I felt they looked fairly neat, were pretty consistent and most importantly were personalised and individual for each of my bridesmaids. For me, that made them that little bit more special and the wax seal at the end just topped up the medieval vibe.

Have you made personalised cards for anything? Let me know below,

I’m aiming to make most of my wedding decorations myself so stay tuned for more fun crafts from me!


Laters, Ruthy xo

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