Chocolate Yule Log Recipe

Here’s a classic for this time of year! Whether you celebrate Yule like me, or Christmas, the traditional Chocolate Yule Log is always a favourite.

I’ve made this the last few years in a row and love how indulgent it is!

You Will Need:

For the Sponge

3/4 cup Plain Flour

3/4 cup Golden Caster Sugar

3 Tablespoons Coco Powder

3 Eggs

For the Filling

150ml Double Cream

For the Icing

150ml Double Cream

2 Cups Icing Sugar

140 gram bar of Dark Chocolate

1/4 cup of Butter

One heaped tablespoon of Golden Syrup

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

Instruction Time!

For the Sponge

To start, heat the oven to 180 Degree Celsius. Then grease and line a flat rectangular swiss roll baking pan with grease proof paper. Make sure you grease it well as you don’t want any issues when getting the sponge out of the pan.

To make the sponge beat the eggs and caster sugar until it’s smooth and fluffy. I find beating it for about 7 minutes does the trick.

Then fold in the flour and the coco powder. Once it’s mixed in, pour the mixture into the rectangular tray. Make sure you get the mixture evenly dispersed in the pan or you’ll have issues rolling your sponge. Giving the pan a few strong taps will help flatten the mixture. Nowcook for 10 minutes -that’s the only bit you need the oven for!

Once your sponge is cooked, flip it down onto a new piece of baking paper and then peel the stuck baking paper off the back. Then leave it until it’s completely cooled. I find that rolling it warm causes it to crack more! Once it’s cool, use a sharp knife to trim the edges off so you won’t have any crunchy bits in your Yule log.

Making the Filling

Nice and easy- take the double cream and beat it until it’s stiff enough to be heaped up. It should be firm enough to spread like cream cheese.

When the filling is made and the sponge is cool, spread the cream over the sponge. Again, try to keep is even and take the cream right to the edges.

Rolling the sponge can seem a bit daunting but do it slowly and firmly. Roll the longest side and turn it over into as tight a roll as possible.

Time to Ice

To make the icing you need to melt the chocolate and butter together in a glass bowl over hot water. Once they’re fully melted, remove from the heat and add the golden syrup, cream and vanilla essence.  Then stir in the icing sugar and mix until you’ve got a smooth, shiny icing.

Use a spatula to smooth the icing over the sponge roll, making sure you don’t miss any bits. Cover the ends with icing too and make it as thick as you fancy! For added texture, use a fork to make bark life lines on it. I like to finish off with some edible holly decorations and a dusting of icing sugar!

You should now have a yummy, indulgent Yule Log- enjoy!

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Ruthy xo

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