Attempting a ‘Hobbit’? Look no Hands!

Hey all,

Pole sit no hands!

As a terrible beginner at pole, i’m trying to get some basic sits under my belt. I’ve been

building up my sit strength and finally today was able to do it with no hands! YAY!


This second move here is the ‘Hobbit’ where you hold with one leg high and both hands and point the other leg. I’ve been using this site for more moves – It’s got a great variety of beginner through to advanced moves to practice!

I’ve been struggling to hold this pose but after ages of sliding down I finally managed to hold it properly.

It’s not super neat and i’ll keep working but I was so happy to get it 🙂

Pole dancing really utilises a lot of muscles so make sure you warm up and cool down or you’ll really feel it the next day. Plus prepare for some weird bruises!

Pole dancing is massively popular atm so check our your local classes and tutorials online!

Here’s a quality WIP of me falling off and my cats laughing 😛







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