An Unexpected Journey into Wax

As you might have seen on my instagram or facebook I’ve recently branched into the world of candle making! Having had a tricky time last year of being signed off work I looked into things I could manage to do at home to stop myself going stir crazy lying around.

I’ve always loved candles and given my lack of funds last year made them for Christmas presents for people. I really enjoyed learning how to make them and started wondering about selling them on…

The Plan

I’ve always got at least ten candles on the go in my house. I love them to relax to and am very into aromatherapy. As a pagan i’m also into crystal healing so I wanted to find a way to combine my love for crystals and magic with candles. I liked the idea of gemstone sets like ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Emerald’ and wanted to create candles and melts in that style.

The Business Side

I’ve been doing a lot of research into the legal side of things, so getting registered as a sole trader for tax and getting the right insurance. This is very much an in the background business for me as I work full time normally so I need to make sure I can manage everything. I’ve set up a bank account for my business and researched into the right insurance for it. There have been a fair few start up costs for equipment and ingredients to take into account too. There’s also been the product costs and pricing to work out.

I’ve also learnt about candle and cosmetic legalities, which is majorly why i’m starting with making candles before branching into soaps! Soaps and bath bombs, which I also enjoy making have to be deemed safe and require a special assessment before you can legally sell them. The assessment is quite expensive so I  figured i’d see how my candles did before expanding.

Gem Fairies

As you saw in some previous images, i’m having some beautiful art cards with my candles. I commissioned the talented Queen Yam Craft to design me three gemstone fairies to go with each of my starting scents and I love what she came up with! I love Yam’s whimsical art and wanted something to help theme my candles and wax melts.

Yam will eventually be offering these and other jewel styles as prints so keep and eye on her social media!

Hopefully in a couple of months i’ll be selling my candles and wax melts on this site so watch this space!


Ruthy xo

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