A Very Homemade Xmas: Body Scrubs

I’ve had fun making candles and bath bombs this holiday season and decided to finish it off with body scrubs. An amazing organisation called The Tired Girl Society is also running a body scrub making event at the moment join in with so the timing was perfect!

The basic recipe requires;

  • Salt Base
  • Carrier Oil
  • Essential Oil
  • Glass Bowl
  • Containers

Choosing your Base

You can make body scrubs out of so many different things. All scrubs needs a good base such as sea salt or sugar. The base will mostly affect how much of an exfoliate the scrub is with sea salt being a more intense scrub and a finer Himalayan salt being softer on the body.

I chose to use Epsom Bath salts as my base as Epsom salts have great properties such as magnesium in them which are great for helping muscle and joint pain. Epsom salts are also a good exfoliate for the skin.

I placed two cup fulls of epsom salts in a glass bowl, ready for adding oil to.

Carrier Oils

Just as there are multiple bases to use, you can use a range of oils such as coconut, olive, almond or jojoba. These oils hold the scrub together and each change the texture and scent of the mixture. Different oils will also affect the skin in varying ways. For example, coconut oil is super moisturising. It’s best to avoid very thick olive oils as they’ll be extremely sticky though!

When adding the carrier oil to the salt or sugar base, use just one tablespoonful and add slowly so as to ensure you don’t make the mixture too gloopy. You want to mix it to be moist but not liquid or separated.


You can experiment with so many combinations of scents in a body scrub. You can combine essential oils with herbs, fruit and crushed flowers. Some lovely combos include lemon with  thyme on sea salt, sugar with vanilla and lavender with sea salt.

For my epsom salt based scrub, I added one tablespoon of olive oil and two of mandarin and orange essential oil. I mixed them slowly until I had a good consistency.


Now you’ve made your body scrubs, you can package them up as gifts. You can get cute little pots with seal-able lids for keeping your scrubs fresh or find something more fun! I put mine in plastic, screw-lid test tubes and made cute little labels to add to the look.

They smell great and hopefully will go down well for presents!

I hope this helped anyone looking to make body scrubs and again, check out  The Tired Girl Society ‘s body scrub making event!

A Very Homemade Xmas Mini Series


Ruthy xo

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