An venture into wedding dresses

My idea of a dress is a galaxy printed skater style. The thought of formal dresses makes me internally panic and quickly head towards my leggings. I know most of my aversion stems from body confidence issues, something i’ve had issues with as long as I can remember. I’ve always opted for loose layers and I don’t think i’ve ever worn a full-length formal dress before!

However, i’m tying the knot in 2020, and having decided on our location, theme and booked the date I needed to work out what I was going to wear. Hopefully this is the only time i’ll get married, so I might as well go for it!

What is this fit called?

One of my lovely bridesmaids suggested that we book a session at a big bridal shop, since I had zero idea what styles suited me or what I really wanted. We went to David’s Bridal to have a trying on session and largely for me to laugh at how daft I could look.

I was quite nervous about trying things on but actually had a really fun time! I tried on everything from a giant Vera Wang meringue feeling dress to some lacy fitting numbers an basically fell in love with off-shoulder styles and fitted bodices. I’d never have known if I hadn’t gone for this taster, so super glad I did.

Dress Inspiration

I’ve always loved fantasy novels, magical worlds and anything with elves (except Lego Elves). A white dress wasn’t really in my bridal designs but I wanted to at least attempt to feel floaty and ethereal for once in my life.

For a while now, i’ve gazed at Fireflypath‘s beautiful, flowy creations and been heavily inspired by Arwen’s coronation gown if I was ever to get married. When it came to actually thinking what I would want to wear I really wanted to keep this fantasy style, and keep with the castle scenery. A wonderful friend of mine suggested I take a look at Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture and I really didn’t need to look further, especially once I found she was in the UK too..


Ruthy xo

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