A Chronic Voice: July Link-Up

Having enjoyed going through A Chronic Voice ‘s topics last month, I was keen to participate in the July Link-Up too! I’ve had a weird month of finally getting to the bottom of a mystery pain and finally having surgery at the end of the month so here are my thoughts…

This month’s topics are;

  • Adding
  • Spreading
  • Ranting
  • Protecting
  • Dividing


I’m always adding to my coping methods and self help ideas. I love to read new research articles about chronic pain, seizures and mental health and think it’s so important not to limit yourself. I’ve got set methods for dealing and coping with things emotionally and physically but they’re not necessarily the best methods so I keep my eyes open for new ones. Blogging has been new for me this year as a form of self expression and i’ve found it so therapeutic!


flowersAwareness! Spreading awareness, resources and coping mechanisms for unseen health conditions is incredibly important to me. When people can physically see what’s wrong with a person it’s easier for them to understand you’re ill and support or appreciate things are tough.

When the conditions are invisible- whether unseen physical conditions or mental health related, it’s a heck of a lot harder to find support. Many people assume you’re lazy, exaggerating or faking and it can be so difficult to find the help and support you need. I hope that by spreading the work of invisible illnesses, along with my personal coping methods and story, i’m giving back to the community.


We all need a good rant sometimes. You can’t go through life keeping everything inside, you’ll build up and eventually boil over! Whether you rant to your friends, partner, diary or therapist, it’s important to unload everything and work out why you’re feeling so fed up. A lot of chronic illness sufferers use online forums or Facebook groups to share how they feel with those who understand. As long as your ranting doesn’t become an attack on people, share how you feel.


One of the saddest things when you love with chronic illness is how used to protecting yourself you have to get. I don’t just mean physically, like working to avoid situations which aggravate your conditions but also protecting yourself emotionally.

It’s sad but true that many people don’t understand how difficult it is to live with a chronic condition and won’t really understand that you’re never going to be better. You’ll have good days sure, but you won’t be ‘fine by next monday’. I’ve learnt to protect myself from people being rude or inconsiderate about my conditions. I’m also learning to try to protect me from my own negative thoughts where I think how ‘useless’ and ‘worthless’ I am.


bathbombMy energy. In life we have to constantly juggle a million and one things. From work to family, relationships to kids, not even mentioning hobbies and social commitments. It’s incredibly easy to end up trying to do too many things and spreading yourself too thin.

Anyone will get worn down by doing too much. However, if you’re already running on half battery due to chronic illnesses or mental health then you’re gonna burn out so quickly. Remember to give yourself down time and ensure you’re doing some kind of self care, whether it’s a bubble bath or yoga.


These topics have been great to ponder. Thanks as always to A Chronic Voice!


Ruthy xo

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3 thoughts on “A Chronic Voice: July Link-Up”

  1. Thanks for participating in July’s linkup for people with chronic illnesses, Ruthy! Your words were wise, and yes it’s so important to keep an open mind when it comes to management of our illnesses! Am happy to see that you’re so proactive in your own healthcare journey 🙂

  2. “I’ve got set methods for dealing and coping with things emotionally and physically but they’re not necessarily the best methods so I keep my eyes open for new ones.” This really resonated with me. I need some new coping skills in my life.

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