5 Ways Pets improve you Life

Most of the internet is obsessed with pets in one way or another, whether it be a deep love of cats or a snakey appreciation.

I am absolutely a crazy cat lady. I have two one-year old kittens, countless cat mugs, calendars, even a cat tattoo!

Pets are definitely a responsibility and shouldn’t be taken on lightly but they’re also wonderful companions and for me make a house a home.

5.They help give you a purpose

If you’re struggling with low mood or mental health issues looking after yourself can be really tough. It may not feel worth it or like too much effort if you’re struggling to feel worthwhile.

I’ve definitely had days when i’ve struggled to want to look after myself but somehow looking after my cats (and fiance) is different to looking after me! It’s often easier to look after someone other than yourself and pets are no exception to that.

Checking on my cats, feeding and grooming them… they’re all actions which make me feel useful and help give my day purpose.

4.They help you keep fit

As a cat owner I can’t claim to have masses of experience of fitness due to my cats (except for falling over them and playing can you catch the string) but for many dog owners in┬áparticular, their canine friends are a great way of ensuring both parties have a good walk and get the exercise they need.

My cat did once set me on fire which caused me to run around a lot, but i’m not sure that counts as an advantage!

3.They make great talking points

So many times i’ve been in a conversation where someone’s mentioned their pets and i’m shown photos of them. It’s always so nice to be able to share stories and photos back- it’s a total instant bond. If I know someone likes animals, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll get along!

One of my friends owns a particularly derpy snake and I always love getting videos of him trying to vertically scale his case. This same friend also has a couple of beautiful geckos I love to lust over and I often ask my friends about their pets same as I would about their family.

2.They’re therapeutic

Pets are a huge comfort and especially those of a furry nature can be amazing for a stroke and cuddle. Animals are good at picking up on how their humans are feeling and will often offer comfort when you’re feeling sad. You don’t need to ask your dog or cat for a hug, they just know.

Watching fish serenely swim can also help calm down a busy mind and the routine of caring for any pet helps keep an owner grounded.

Sometimes just chilling out stroking my naughty cats is the ultimate therapy after a bad day!

1. They’re friends for life

When you bring an animal into your family, it should be for life. Whether it’s a snifley rat, pretty fish or a cuddley cat you’re that animal’s world and should value the bond always. I got my two kittens at 6 weeks old and hope to look after them all their fluffy lives.

One day I hope to get a little corgi to finish up my fluffy family but I’ll have to convince my fiance…

Do you have a fluffy or scaley companion? Tell me about them or better yet share a photo!


You can follow both my cats on their instagram at https://instagram.com/novaandaquila if that doesn’t prove I’m a crazy cat lady nothing will…


Ruthy xo

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