The Art & Cosplay of Queen Yam

You may have noticed that my new reviews  all have a super cute chibi style illustration of me and my sneaky cat Nova on them! This adorable design comes from Artist & Cosplayer Queen Yam Cosplay (aka Amy). If you’re unfamiliar with cosplay, check out my brief guide to the hobby Here!

I first met Yam at a Dragon Age meet at Kita Con 2012 where we bonded over a mutual love of elves, pretty men and RPGs. I was immediately impressed by her fabric and prop work and have been lucky enough to cosplay with her many times since and have attended several conventions with her.


Yam’s cosplays range from bearded dwarves to swash buckling rogues and beautiful elven mages. When I first met Yam she was Anders from the popular RPG Dragon Age and i’ve seen her as twi’leks from Star Wars and Rogue from X-Men to name a few since then. Yam has entered and won several masquerades over the years and is currently prepping for EGX in September. You can usually find Yam at Amecon, Kitacon, MCM Expos and Kupocon!

Check out a small range of her costumes below:

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I’ve always found the best part of Yam’s costumes to be her props. From staffs to jewelry and magical items, Yam works primarily in Worbla and foam for prop making and works to get an extremely smooth finish to her props.  Below are just two examples of Yam’s extensive prop work.

Yam is available for prop commission through her Facebook page.


With a Degree in Video Games Artwork to her name, Yam is also talented with digital art, creating a host of artworks from fanart of animes to custom DND Characters and recently Magi keyrings. Yam brings a fun sketchy, whimsical style to anime artwork which I personally love. I’ve personally commissioned Yam in the past for some cool Kylo Ren artwork which I had printed onto a mug and fully recommend her work!

Yam is available for art commissions, again through her Facebook

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You can view more of Yam’s cosplays and artwork at:

You can check out my cosplay too here!


Ruthy xo

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