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I was recently lucky enough to attend the SAP Success Connect London 2017 convention alongside the IBM Success Factors Team. Success Factors is a global event which is widely considered the biggest HR event of the year. The event had such guests as Bill McDermott, Sir Richard Branson and Tamara Lohan whom this blog is focused on.

Learn more about the event here –

One of the events at the convention was a ‘Women in Leadership’ Luncheon which included a Q&A with Mr & Mrs Smith co-founder and CTO Tamara Lohan.  We were taken through into a classy dining room and served lunch whilst Tamara was interviewed- a nice break from being on the stand! Tamara Lohan spoke with us about key topics and trends related to technology, growth, diversity and driving organizational change along with being a women in a leadership position. She also spoke us through the development of her company which was a great story!

After a disappointing hotel experience with her then boyfriend  where they found their booked hotel was not at all what they expected, the pair decided to create their own company which would focus on providing luxury boutique experiences for people. The ‘human touch’ element Tamara focused on was clearly what made their company successful.

Tamara also shared her experiences with juggling working with her husband and childcare responsibilities. A women in the audience asked Tamara and the host about do they feel guilty travelling and working and neglecting their children. Tamara said yes of course it affected her, but it also affected her husband and the host topped the answer off with a great comment that ‘when women are no longer asked about their guilt towards working when having children, it’ll be a better world’.

The overall luncheon was very interesting and a great success, and the final talks from Bill McDermott and Sir Richard Branson wrapped up a great convention.


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